YourOwnStore Ltd are now concentrating on supporting our existing customers and are allowing no new signups at this stage.

This is what just a handful of our clients are saying about us...


"I purchased my web site back in late November 2012 and if you take out the festive period as I was not really working on my site much, then I just been working for 2 months and it is exciting when you see your site moving up the ranking.

I have built up a lots of friends around the world and locally, people start to know me trough my web site and admiring me for the work I do.

Its been very easy to get to here thanks to the people from YOS and the easy to follow video tutorial. I am still waiting for my first sale but I know that this is just mater of days now rather than months as I can see traffic to my site is rising up every day and is already reaching 50 a day.

I think this was the best investment I have done for a long time and also is giving me pleasure working on the project. Its now becoming like my hobby.

Thanks YOS for your support and I wish you many more happy customers."

Milen -



"The best decision I ever made was to put my trust in and purchase one of their Websites.

As a complete novice to Internet Marketing, I spent months searching for a reputable UK online business opportunity and sadly realised there’s a minefield of scam out there. Then I came across YourOwnStore – a special thank you to Steve for his many phone calls and endless advice & guidance in helping to find the right site for me.

I’m only just starting the training guidelines to get my site up and running and it’s certainly a huge learning curve but I’ve learned so much already. The training and support provided by the YOS team is second to none and absolutely invaluable to a newbie like me. Every single step is covered with Videos and help is always at hand if you get stuck; plus they’re continually updating and making improvements, not to mention finding new revenue streams for us! – thanks Jason and Sam!

This is not a get rich quick scheme but a tried and tested proven business if you are prepared to put some time in and follow their guidance. It’s an exciting new venture that I’m really enjoying.

To be painfully honest, at the offset I thought I’d learn as much as I can from these guys and then go it alone. But now? - Having experienced everything they bring to the table – No Way! With the support, back-up, Training, Updates, Improvements etc. etc. they provide, why would I want to lose out on all that? Trust me, they are fantastic!

My Goal is to purchase another site as soon as I can! It’s like working with a trusted family who really cares about your success! Very rare these days and I’m loving it!"

Caitlin -



"I am a new store owner but I have really enjoyed the process of getting my site ready. The recent software updates for store owners are invaluable. It's easy to see at a glance what you need to do, and the training videos are priceless if you consider what it would take to set up your own site from scratch.

I hadn't a clue about websites and the world of search engines before I bought a store but it really is fascinating and I am enjoying the challenge of following the training and seeing my site become an interesting store.

I bought the store to contribute to the lifestyle I want for my family. I am currently fitting in the work around my full time job which is manageable and I am working towards making the site my sole income.
If you are looking for a store, my suggestion would be to choose an area you are interested in, or would like to know more about. "

Anna -



"Come the end of September I will have owned my store for just over 3 months and during that time my wife and I have been busy developing the store with the help of the excellent training and support, supplied by YourOwnStore. These guys are always available to help you out and they don't just e-mail you an answer to your question, they actually produce a video so that you can follow things through step by step which makes it so much easier to follow.

We have just recently started to see some sales filter through and we are very excited with the prospect of increasing business leading up to the festive period. I am a great believer in the saying "You get nothing for nothing" so if you enter this business with the right attitude, you are prepared to spend around 15 hours per week working on your store and you follow the excellent training that is readily available,  you can't fail to succeed."




"I recently bought a store and started working through the video training and was very pleased to see my first bit of commission come through after only spending a total of about 8 hours on the site.  It would be impossible to organize the website without the video training which I think is superb. At first, the video training does look a bit daunting, but if you follow it slowly it is quite straight forward and probably worth £000’s.  I would not like to be working on the site without the video training or the ‘help desk’ who certainly know their stuff!'

Ben -




"I was feeling stuck in a rut before I bought my store from YourOwnStore six months ago. I had looked into various franchise business and then  I came across these guys. I took the plunge and purchased a store without having any prior knowledge of internet marketing.

My computer skills where limited. Indeed I didn’t even have a Facebook or Twitter account! With the help from the great team at YourOwnStore and the easy to understand training videos I have quickly learned new skills such as article writing and the administration of my store. The support is really good and is constantly improving.

If you are looking for a proven internet business that brings satisfaction and is easy to set up and run, then I can highly recommend purchasing one of the fantastic websites from YourOwnStore. I am already starting to see some results and my plan is to build a portfolio of sites over the next few years to give myself and my family financial security and freedom for the future."

Darrin -



"Being a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to computing, I have had a great time studying the YOS training videos and then putting what I've found out in to practice.

After three months I am seeing that people are looking at the site and there are small financial gains coming. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme - you have to work at it.
You do need to spend time daily/weekly in updating the site and being sure that you write all the copy needed to get your site moving up the Google pages.

It is quite exciting to see a page move from nowhere to page two in Google. Keep working at it and I will be over the moon when I reach page 1 and see real commission rolling in.

It is necessary to return to basics every so often to check that you understand your instructions and make sure that you follow them to the letter. The business is there, it just needs worked, and with YOS help I am sure that I will win eventually."

John -


"A whole new world of learning about affiliate marketing made a hell of a lot easier by YourOwnStore's slick software."

Clive -






"Since investing in my store I've been very impressed with the level of training and support from the guys at YOS. It's been a steep learning curve for a newbie to Internet marketing, but the back up and training along with the continual improvements that YOS have made, have made it an interesting journey.

I have made some commissions and will continue to follow all the guidance given till I'm at the stage where I can buy another store!"

Dave -




"I am having a great time watching the training videos it's only been a week and I can't believe how much i have learnt about the affiliate market, google analytics, website design and organising.

You could easily spend 1000''s of pounds going to University to learn all this, I believe just the knowledge aquired is a good ROI. "Learn whilst you earn"
Imran Bashir -





"I have been pleased with Your Own Store's help with my site although my visitors are not so high at the moment it’s all a gradual process and Rome wasn't built in a day."

Mark -





"Right from the off my research and enquiries were excellently handled which quickly gained my confidence, so straight away I bought one site and ordered a second. The process to get my site up and running has been very clearly explained via a series of professionally produced videos, meaning that you do not need to consult the support team very often. When you do need their help queries are always handled in a timely manner. I have learned absolutely loads so far and I am really looking forward to further advancing my skills on SEO.

I see this as the beginning of a long and productive relationship."

Bill - &



"I have had my store for a few months now and I am slowly but surely getting there. You do have to put a lot of work into getting to where you want to be but you have to remember this is no overnight thing. It does take time and it does take a lot of work but if you are focused and determined, you will do fine.

These guys are fantastic in providing you with all the help you need along the way, no matter what the problem is. They make you feel comfortable and you can be sure you are in good hands with Your Own Store. They provide a great service as well as great updates for you and your store which can only be helpful in the long run for store owners. The video training is brilliant and helps you every step of the way."

James -



"Unfortunately I have not been able to do any work on my store since just after Christmas due to health issues. Quite literally I have returned to it only this week (I am sure you will have noticed if you monitor our activity) and I am amazed at how much the training zone has improved, it’s now so much easier to ensure that we are keeping our progress focused and along the right path, this is particularly important to someone none technical like myself.

I do believe in your offering and your dedication to helping all your franchisees being successful. I am now looking forward to finally getting my shop to be successful."

Bryn -



"I have earned some commission, the software updates are great and very helpful in making our job much easier with better progress. The training is very valuable and if you can master it, then you can also use all the new skills you learn for any future on line projects you may start.

I have enjoyed building my website business and have believe it has the potential to reward me very well in the long term future."

Mohammaed -



"I just wanted to say how happy I am with my decision to by my store from ""

First of all, like many people looking to make an income online; I searched for months and months for a reputable company who I could trust. As I did more and more research, I thought I was never going to find a company that was out just to "scam you" for all your hard earned money. Lucky for me, I came across before I invested any money with anyone els, and have not looked back since!

If you are like me, I was a complete novice when it came to an online business. But from the second I purchased my store, the extensive training and support kicked in. I have had my store for around 7 months now, and enjoying every minute of working on it, best of all I am learning a new trade ,while earning commissions! (Around £400 so far and growing!)

It is still early days yet, I still have a lot of work to do yet including Search Engine Optimisation, Backlinks and Social Media and so on, but once all that is completed, my site will more or less tick along by itself. I won’t mislead anyone into thinking that it will run itself, because it has been a steep learning curve and a lot of hours work, but the main thing is that I am enjoying it and seeing the fruits of my efforts!

There are too many great tools (apart from all the training videos) to mention, to help you make your site a success, and there are not many things the team do not know about running your own affiliate site!

I would not encourage anyone to invest a penny in something I have not tried myself and seen results from, so my advice to anyone who wants their own successful affiliate site with back up second to none, is get yourself one of these stores!, (I am planning to get another one as soon as this one is up and running how I would like)"

Mark -


"Although we are at an early stage with our store, I would just like to say the experience up to now has been nothing but excellent.

A special mention to Rob in sales who answered all our questions very professionally and put our minds at ease, also the help desk and the ticket system work really well and again my questions are answered very quickly, as I say it is early days yet but if it all keeps going as it is I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Thanks again,


Tommy -




"After six months of following the training I have started to see some commissions come through from Amazon and Affiliate window. Your Own Store is continuously improving the software and Training Zone and Sam has been a great help with any technical queries."

Richard -






"The system developed by YOS is excellent and you can see a lot of web development has gone into this system.

The admin interface to your site is very easy to use and clear and also allows you to manage and maintain your site with no or little web design experience yourself.

It really is amazing how the YOS system pulls in products from many different retailers and displays them on your site!"

Joseph -




"Starting to see some commissions coming through now after some hard work, and great support from the Your Own Store training site."

Paul -






"I have very much enjoyed this experience, learning computer skills etc.
Although I have a very talented son in law who is really good and helps me a lot, I say this because I am not from a computer type background.

I think the affiliate programme is a fantastic opportunity to create an income on line, and also thanks to Bright Light media for this opportunity.

Kind Regards

John "

John -



"I'm absolute beginner. But I learned so much for last two months. Compliments for new SEO Tools and SEO Dashboard. I believe I will earning good profit in the near future.
Hristo, Bulgaria."

Hristo -






"To date I have not earned any commission but I am confident that this will come in time. I have found that working alongside YourOwnStore has been a great experience.

The training is first class as is the many new things that are introduced to us from time to time. It goes to show they are not a 'Take the money and run' outfit, as they obviously work very hard to make things better and easier for us.

It is a wonderful learning curve and as I mentioned I am sure it will become successful in time.

Thanks for all your help and always being there when I have a query"

Peter -



"Since joining Your Own Store as a website owner a few months back, they have delivered everything they said they said they would and more. They were totally and openly honest from the outset informing me that I need to put the work into making the website a success.

If you have patience and are willing to learn some extra skills and develop an extra income in a few short months well I can highly recommend Your Own Store as a great business to get involved with.

Everything is so professionally laid out for you including everything you need to know on how to set up your store, excellent, detailed training videos, a very fast and efficient help desk and not to mention their continual development of their software to help us as store owners to make our business work.

I would certainly recommend Your Own Store as great company to work with to build a profitable and successful business of your own."

Mark -



"In my opinion the product, service and training offered by YourOwnStore is the best worldwide. They offer an overall affiliate-type e-commerce store with all the technical complex work completed.

What we have to do is the fun part: optimize our stores and fill them with valuable content. In this process we are not left alone as the help desk and the training zone are one of a kind.

The people of YourOwnStore know how Internet works, what is important and valid and what is fake. They know the science behind Online Marketing. And, they keep upgrading and providing an up-to-date state of the art product."

Dimitris -




"Having taken time out of a 15 year marketing career to have 3 children, I felt it was time to get my mind working again - it was hard to hold a non-child related conversation! My husband and I had agreed that if at all possible, I would not go and work for anyone as I need flexibility to choose my own hours and be around for the children as they grow up (all are currently 5 and under) and I'd always liked the idea of being my own boss. An internet business seemed to be the perfect choice. And as I know a fair amount about babies it seemed like a good subject. Afterall, I can talk about my children 'til the cows come home!! I've found it quite easy writing about baby and toddler related 'things'!

My background is in traditional marketing and communications, so taking on a website business has been very interesting and challenging at times. However the training and support that you get when you take ownership of your website is really good. Video tutorials are very easy to follow and the order in which you need to complete them is well set out. I've had no reason to complain and the support I've had from Sam and the team has so far been great, even when I've had to ask some really basic questions!! That was in the early days when my brain wasn't used to being academically challenged!

The good news is I have received a small amount of commission so far, and now that my website is 92% optimised, I can concentrate on getting it known out there in the ether! "

Sonya -



"I purchased my business in early march 2011 and i have to say, since then, nothing has been too much trouble for the YOS admin staff.
I have earned some commissions and enjoyed learning all aspects of setting up, and running an on line business.

There is still a way to go (it depends how much time you want to invest).
This is a long term, realistic opportunity to make a living on line."

Brian -


"It's still early days for me but I've found the training and support package to be very comprehensive and easy to follow.

The video tutorials have made setting up the site straightforward and the development guys have already introduced a couple of enhancements that really improve the tools for managing the site.

 I'm still in the process of optimising my site and promoting it but I'm looking forward to seeing the commissions roll in."

Ray -




"I started the business with some knowledge of SEO as I am from an IT background but the amount of knowledge I have gained is immense. The training videos have provided a good source for learning and that combined with the support staff made it an enjoyable experience.

It's reassuring that the available business tools from Your Own Store keep evolving as the industry standards keep changing which hopefully gives us the edge when it comes to keyword rankings."

Chiraag -




"YOS team provide some excellent training which until you have taken that first step and purchased a business you don't really fully appreciate.

Once you start to slowly build your business and keep referring back to the training you feel a tremendous sense of achievement as it builds.

We all need to learn a total new language (well I did anyway) and once again the training videos are really helpful.

The software updates that are taking place lift your whole business to the next level as we each get more and more professional.

Well done YOS team keep it coming. "

Mike -



"I have enjoyed learning about building links and adding content. I like the
SEO part in the admin centre, this has made it easier to add key words etc.

My work has in the last 4 months has earned me a PR2 Ranking with Google.
Thanks for your help :)"

David -




"The training area and support has been excellent. The enhancements over the last couple of months continue to help my website go in the right direction.

I have learned all about running a website from design, how to rank on Google, Twitter, Facebook, and search engine optimisation. This isn't a quick rich scheme you need to put the work in to get the rewards. I have now started to see commissions come through and as the work on my site and knowledge increases so should the commission."

Barry -




"Your Own Store was a turning point in my life! For me, the superb training on SEO and other aspects of internet marketing is of the highest quality, and is worth much much more than the one-off payment you make when purchasing the package.

The website alone is well worth the money you pay - never mind having access to the training and the continual research into new SEO techniques that can help your store attract web traffic, and any other online presence you have for that matter. What a great bonus to have!

I'd highly recommend buying into the YOS franchise, where you can learn how to achieve a viable online presence with a passive income to match! "

Darren -



"I have been dabbling with Affiliate websites for some time now and decided to see what Your Own Store could offer and I have to say that I am delighted with the results. YES there is significant work required initially, but the more recent upgrades do make things a whole lot easier to control and manage. The training videos are easy to follow and understand and the support team have been great when i have needed them.

I would certainly be happy to recommend a store to anyone who wants to build an additional income."

Chris -





"I started out this new venture 6 months ago with virtually no idea of running an online store. However, a bit of time every day with the ever improving training site gets me nearer to my goal of financial freedom."

Alex -






"I have enjoyed building my website business and believe it has the potential to reward me very well in the long term future. The training is very valuable and if you can master it, then you can also use all the new skills you learn for any future on line projects you may start.

I have earned some commission; the software updates are great and very helpful in making our job much easier with better progress."

Mohammed -




"With my full time job in danger of being made redundant, I wanted to sought an opportunity to ease the financial burden and panic of being unemployed for a period of time, so I browsed through franchise businesses, and found YOS!

I was willing to put the time and effort into the business to make it work, and thats exactly what's required. No pain no gain as they say. There is a lot of creative writing to deal with on the subject of your store, so you have to think carefully about your niche and make sure it is both viable as a business and enjoyable for you personally.

I have enjoyed the first five months of owning my own website and working with the YOS team. They have been very helpful with any problems I have experienced and the training videos have made sure you are never left alone when working towards your main goals - making money.

Although there is a lot of work to get the website to its full potential and start earning the estimated income the YOS team quote at the initial sale period, I believe with hard work and a bit of luck, anything is possible with these stores, but you have to believe yourself.

I have had a total of four sales in my first five months; some of these include family and friends. It is a good idea to get them on-board initially to help them help you, and things can escalate from there.

For anybody thinking of purchasing a website from YOS my advice would be to go for it - but making sure you have the patience, time and the motivation to make it work."

Ross -



"Despite the fact that there have been a few hic-ups along the way Your Own Store have always come through with training, support or solutions.

They are continuously updating and improving the back end of the website to make it easier to manage and whilst it certainly is not a get rich quick system we are learning all the time and are beginning to see a trickle of commisions coming through."

Andy & Carolyn -




"I have enjoyed building my website business and believe it has the potential to reward me very well in the long term future. The training is very valuable and if you can master it, then you can also use all the new skills you learn for any future on line projects you may start.

I have earned some commission; the software updates are great and very helpful in making our job much easier with better progress."

Ruta -




"I wanted to do something online to create and sustain a passive income, it is hard work but seeing ranking climb is a high.

The back office tools are extremely valuable especially the recent additions and I look forward to an income that is a result of this store.

I love the fact that each YOS store has unique branding and design making it easy for individuals to put their stamp on their sites."

Mona -




"I have learnt a new and useful knowledge about e-commerce and affiliate marketing using the training and support of YourOwnStrore.
While I've been with my website I have had fantastic improvements to get great results!

The new software updates in SEO have made it much easier to optimise my store, and therefore to get better results in the search engines.

YourOwnStore offers a dedicated support and commitment to help you to succeed with your store!"

Jesus -




"I invested in Shop4Books just over 12 months ago after taking voluntary redundancy. Failing to find other work I decided it would be nice to work from home and set about finding something for me to do. Enter, Your Own Store. I was very impressed by their professionalism and friendly sales staff - namely Jamie.

Even though it has taken over my entire life I am now dancing to my own tune and loving every minute of it! Although I worked in an office previously with computers and used the internet quite a lot I wasn’t at all knowledgeable on SEO or how to manage a website and it’s true to say that it hasn’t always been plain sailing, but thanks to everyone at Your Own Store providing me with all the answers to my problems when I needed them and the many informative training videos which have and continue to guide me through what I hope will be the breakthrough year, I somehow seem to have acquired not only a great looking site but I trust one that I'm sure will generate a liveable income real soon!

Many thanks to Jason, Sam, Jamie and the rest of the team for all your help. It is very much appreciated."

Shirley -



"I bought my store in July 2011 after many hours spent looking into the opportunity. Affiliate marketing was a concept I had never heard of before but the concept seemed to be a niche in itself, with an excellent return on investment.

However, thanks to the continued and structured support I have received from Yourownstore since day 1, I am pleased to say that although I'm no expert, I am more than capable of developing my store and I am confident that my investment will be returned many times over for years to come. The after sales service you get from YOS is outstanding.

What you get is support, support  and support. If you have an issue or a question, there is always a real person available on the phone or online to help you through it.
The training videos are clear and concise yet simple enough for everybody to understand and follow, and there is a video tutorial for every step you need to take in developing your store. I thoroughly recommend buying your own store and it is so enjoyable to see the results of your hard work online."

Dean -



"The whole experience of purchasing and running a YourOwnStore website has been very enjoyable. From learning new skills, meeting new like-minded people, to earning a nice second income.

Jason and the team really do spend a lot of time and go out of their way to help make every website a success.

Their support has been brilliant.

I would recommend buying a YourOwnStore website to anyone interested in running their own business."

Mark -



"It has taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to buy my first site, I was unsure if it was the right thing for me. Now I wished I had done it sooner. I am still very new at it but it is very exciting setting it all up and learning as I go along the training videos and software makes it's very user friendly you can learn at your own pace.

Everyone has been very helpful and the support you get is very good, nothing is to much trouble for them, it's very reassuring to know that the Helpdesk is never far away. I am looking forward to getting my first bit of commission in the near future."

Angela -




"Excellent support with my website. Always quick response with solution to any problem, (yet to find one they couldn't solve!).

If you dedicate some time to your site and follow their instructions, it works."

Gary -





"I have a YourOwnStore site which I got In April 2011 and would be happy to recommend a store to anyone who wants to build an additional income. Jason, Simon, Sam and the team at YourOwnStore all work hard, you can see this in all the effort they put in, not only in the business but the service as well,

My advice if you are planning on buying a site, is to pick one that you have an interest in, say if you liked model plane’s, then get one that sells model plane’s and don’t do what I did, and buy one that I know nothing about which makes it harder than it should be.

I do love my site and will continue to put in as much time as I can, it’s my new hobby, learning lots of new skills which will help my site make me a nice living."

Chris -



"I purchased MyTennisStore some two months ago, and although I have had to take the learning process very slowly due to my heavy work commitments and long hours (which was one of the motivators to have a change of direction) I feel that I am learning.
It is not easy, however I view this as a long term commitment and with the first class training and support feel sure that the learning process will become easier.

The new software like the seo dashboard is excellent and the professional response to questions from your own store experts gives me confidence in them for the future."

Nigel -



"Very early days for us, (Father and Daughter run) only two months in. Seeing traffic coming through steadily, hopefully more to be earned in commission as traffic builds.

New software looks good and very helpful. Great learning experience, different from my usual job in print for the last 34 years. I'm sure our site will take off."

Chris -





"If you, like I was, are slightly suspicious about the digital world making you some real money then you won't be disappointed by becoming involved with Jason and his team - they are fantastic! Extremely detailed and they are with you every step of the way.

I tried various web based schemes with the hope of supplementing the family household income to provide a few 'extras' for the family and stumbled like you, to their site. I took the time to research the business and although the initial sets up costs are not cheap, you do get what you pay, back up and online help all at hand.

This is by no way a quick rich scheme, be warned, it takes time, effort, dedication and a real desire to succeed, but if you stick with it you will reap the rewards - hoping to purchase another sometime soon!
A professional team with a sense of purpose and a fantastic business model...take the plunge but be prepared to put the time in!"

Paul -



"When we were first thinking of buying a site, YOS advised us to choose a theme that would really interest us. That is just what we did, and that is the advice we would pass on.

We think our site is fantastic and a very interesting one to work on. We are really delighted with the design and the fact that YOS are helping us to make it better and better.

The support and training has been absolutely excellent. The training videos teach complete beginners how to get their web sites up and running, and how to develop them. It is true that you don’t need any technical or internet marketing experience. Without YOS we would certainly not have been able to run a website.

We have followed the excellent YOS training programme as closely as possible, but, being human, we have made mistakes. We have had everything to learn as we didn’t even know what an URL was when we started!

The technical team is brilliant and they have all the technical know how you will need. When hitches inevitably arise, on tap help is there for us.

Even though we have not reached our targets yet, we have sold some holidays and we are sure that that will increase with time.

We feel supported by YOS, who always encourage us, and we feel that we’re working as a team. Our fellow store owners are always willing to help out with advice and encouragement, and we enjoy each other’s' success."

Graeme & Giovanna -



"I bought my website from Your Own Store six months ago. Thanks to YOS my learning curve in this business was made considerably easier.

You receive a fantastic start-up package which effectively allows you (with minimal hassle) to jump in and start setting up and managing your affiliate website marketing business.

Success in this business is achieved by following a proven business recipe. YOS provide you with training and the tools to make this a reality."

Gavin -




"I was totally new to running a website business when I bought a store from YOS. As with any business, results come with consistent work and commitment.

YOS provides good training and support and is constantly working towards improving things for their YOS Store Owners."

Jamie -





"After redundancy last year I spent many hours researching different franchise opportunities, my main criteria were - being able to work from home thereby creating flexible working hours; something that would be mentally stimulating and where I could learn new skills; not a 'get rich quick' scheme as I was prepared to put the work in now for future return.

An 'off the peg' website from Your Own Store pushed all the right buttons and so I committed last August even though I knew nothing whatsoever about website management.
The training videos have been fantastic giving step-by-step instructions all along the way from the first tentative steps to where I am now, using the knowledge I have gained to working through ideas for myself and baffling my (grown-up) children with my computer-speak!

Recently Your Own Store has made many improvements to store administration and training making things much easier for the 'new kids on the block'.
I have started to earn some commission which will only increase as the website gets higher in the search engine rankings."

Janette -



"We bought our website in February and it was up and running early March 2012.

We decided to change the name of the website to try to build a brand name rather than the more obvious naming of the website so we were not expecting any sales for some time until the name became better known in the search engines.
As we completed the training modules and built the website content, we started seeing an improvement in targeted traffic (we could see this via the keywords in Google analytics - is part of the training) which matched some of the keywords we had used in our SEO dashboard which was very encouraging and we were delighted last week to see sales starting to come in.

So far the advantages we have seen since buying are:
1. The training videos are superb and are very easy to follow. By opening two windows we could watch the training up to a point, pause the video then go to the actual website or section and carry out the tasks, then re-start the video and so on.
2. We have learnt so much about what goes on when running a website.
3. The guys in the help/support have been fantastic and answered our
questions ( no matter how stupid they might have been in the early
stages) very quickly.
4. The SEO dashboard in our admin section is perfect for keeping an eye on
where/what you need to work on.

Disadvantages so far:
Well not much really. Yes there has been the odd glitch in some new software when it was introduced but it was being introduced to make things even better and the support guys jumped on it straightaway. To be honest, I would rather have the odd glitch here and there so that we can progress and develop than play safe and let the competition catch up.

Things we would recommend:
1. If you think this is a get rich quick scheme, forget it. It is a build your own
business scheme.
2. Don`t` think you know it all. Follow the training given. It is there for a
3. Make sure all your content is complete on your website for all categories
and make sure it is relevant and has good keywords within it. There is a
training section on keywords with a triangle in it . We found this to be spot
4. Don`t` treat your potential customers like they are anonymous robots.
They are people just like us who want a specific service which we can
supply for them so make sure your content and products are set up
correctly on your site.

Finally, we found that the site was re-assuringly difficult to set up. I say re-assuringly because if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

By following the training videos, it is straight forward but it means you must work at it. The site you buy won`t just sell things, you must make it sell by working on it.
If you do, you will start to see the rewards as we have done.

When, we originally bought the site, we asked ourselves many questions, one was the obvious one of do we really think it will work?

We decided that why would YOS go to all the trouble of developing all the training videos if it did not work?

We still have lots of work to do to fully optimise our store and it does mean working, but we have found it very enjoyable work."

Paul -




"Since purchasing the store a month ago, I have found the training and support on offer invaluable. The training videos are easy and simple to follow and emails have been answered efficiently.
I have enjoyed learning new skills and I am sure commissions will start coming in soon!"

Ally -





"I purchased my store in December 2011, after a long search for an appropriate franchise business. I was looking for something which would be fun, it would not occupy large portion of my time and it would generate a small amount of passive income.

In other words, I needed a hobby which could pay off at the same time. After almost five months of owning my store, I am quite satisfied, training procedures and support provided by YourOwnStore are good, the process of store building is fun, I have learned a lot about e-commerce and affiliate marketing and most importantly, I have started receiving some income as a result of my work.

It is a great feeling earning commission while you are out having a beer or watching a movie.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time and effort to see some results, however, as a source of passive income, I would recommend it to anyone interested."

Ivan -



"As learning curves go, they don't come much steeper than starting your own website from scratch with next to no web development skills. But that's what we've done and what an experience it has been and continues to be.

With the excellent help and support provided by the YourOwnStore HelpDesk staff, together with a preformatted website template and a comprehensive set of down to earth training videos explaining in layman's terms every aspect of what's required to run an affiliate marketing website, the learning experience, whilst challenging, has been both rewarding and enjoyable.

We have only had our site since January and we're still heavily engaged in the store optimisation process but we're making good progress and are beginning to see the fruits of our labours thanks to the advice and guidance of the YourOwnStore team.

We cannot recommend them too highly."

Samantha & Dec -



"We have had our store for some 8 months or so. Whilst we are not making a lots of money yet we do feel that it is a business that will grow and grow with time.

We, my wife and I were new to this sort of thing, we invested in this business in the hope that one day it will provide a residual income. If this site is successful then we will without doubt purchase another from YOS. This is mainly due to the fantastic levels of service and support that they offer to their store holders. The training is very good and the backup excellent.

Our store has had a certain degree of success over the last 8 months with visitors peaking at 220 per day in February with some 3/4 sales per week. We hope, with the help of YOS, to improve on our past performance, and look forward to purchasing another site in the very near future."

Paul -



"Thanks to YourOwnStore I have now have two online shops. The training and support is very good and I have been very happy with several software updates which help us with our stores.

These guys are constantly looking to improve our chances of success in the online world.

Thanks for all your help and advice. Really appreciated!"

Paul -




"I have always wanted my own website and thanks to YourOwnStore, I have just that. It’s been an interesting learning curve but with all the training and support offered by YOS and other shop owners, help and ideas are never far away.

I have earned some commission and with more effort I could have had a lot more. If you have plenty of time available and willing to try anything this is a great concept. Check out my Fancy Dress website and see for yourself. Keep up the good work YOS."

Paul -



"Anyone thinking of owning an online store seriously needs to look at YourOwnStore - great training and support makes it all so easy."

Paul -






"I'll not pretend that this is a get rich quick opportunity, it’s a business and with all business you have to build a solid foundation.

The training and support offered by Bright Light Media has been exceptional for the most part, with an occasional hick-up which has always been promptly and efficiently rectified.

I started to earn commission in my first month, and have continued to do so each month.

The new software coming on line feels and looks very good and the whole package is professional. If like me you are a novice, as far as ecommerce, is concern you can expect a challenge and a steep learning curve and a great sense of satisfaction as it all slowly comes together."

David -



"I recently became the proud owner of and am thrilled with my purchase.

I am new to the concept and therefore had concerns about my abilities to make my store a success but have found the training to be fantastic and the help and support to be incredible.

I still have a mountain to climb ahead of me, but with the backup from Your Own Store I'm sure I'll take the right path on my journey and look forward, with the hard work and commitment I anticipate, to watching my bank account grow :-)"

Lisa -



"We have enjoyed working with the team at YOS. They have been unfailingly helpful no matter what we have asked them.

On occasion they took over our laptops to sort us out when we were having particular difficulties.

We cannot thank them enough for their help and support."

June -





"I have been under no illusions about the time and effort it takes to create a successful website that will give a return in investment and YOS have been fair and open about what it takes from day one.

I have learned a lot and will continue to do so with the help of their training and support.

Nothing about this is that easy but with YOS at your side it is an interesting and hopefully a rewarding journey."

Howard -



"Great training with great support.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, if your looking for a catch look in the mirror as the only catch is you, if you do nothing you will earn nothing, however if you follow the training and put the time in you will earn!"

Garry -





"I bought over 2 months ago and I am slowly getting there. Just follow first class training and enjoy brilliant support teams (especially thanks to Sam).

I would recommend buying a YourOwnStore website to everyone."

Durul -






"Since we got the website two months ago, we been so motivated and we've learnt a lot of things,the training is great,well explained. The commissions earned is great. We don't regret having the website.

We'll definitely recommend Your Own Sore to someone looking to buy a website."

Kingley & Tumpa -





"I bought my store about 6 weeks ago and with all the training and support from the Your Own Store team my store is nearly 80% Optimised. Once you get your store there are a lot of work to do, but with the videos, help and support provided from YOS team you can make a fast progress. It all depends on you and how much time you dedicate yourself in having your site fully optimised and updated.

I am very excited in finishing off the training and have my store 100% optimised and updated.My plan is to have my site as my sole income by the end of 2012.

I am very happy with my purchase and very happy with the training and support from YOS team. "

Paula -



"I have really enjoyed the last couple of weeks owning and working on my website, the training software is brilliant very straight forward and easy to understand. I haven't made any commission yet as the website has only been live for a couple of weeks but I am sure i will see it coming in very soon. This whole experience has been fantastic and it is nice having a business that I can call my own.

If anyone is looking for a get rich quick scheme then this is not it, it takes time and dedication which you need to make this a success. The SEO software is really good as long as you watch all the training first to understand how it works. I can't believe how much I've learnt about the internet in such a short space of time, I now feel that I will be able to take on more when my store is more successful.

I truly believe that this is a good product and I would defiantly recommend people to get involved.

Thanks to the whole team at Your Own Store for all the help!!"

Kristopher -


"I am very pleased with the training and support and immensely impressed with the professionalism of Sam and Paul. I have enjoyed learning and keep up the good work!"

Sudhir -






"It's been a great experience dealing with YourOwnStore. The whole process of browsing, buying and setting up my site has been really straightforward. Answers have been returned to questions promptly and the videos and training information has been excellent.

I have also been pleasantly suprised by the addition of extra tools for us to use since I bought my website which shows me these guys are serious, passionate about helping us succeed and in it for the long-haul."

Brian -





"I have only had my website since the end of June and now I am starting to see it taking shape.

I am still really in the early stages and only half way there to being fully optimised though everyday I am learning more and hopefully in the next two months my store will be 100% optimised. The training is alot to learn at the beginning but the more time you spend working on your store the more educated you become.

I saw my first commission earning this week which is great even though its only a small amount, was nice to see a sale! The key to your own store is patience and dont expect to see results instantly though looking at the bigger picture! The training is excellent along with the helpdesk and you learn so much about running a website and how Google etc works!"

Susan -




"I wanted to say a big thank you for the great support I have received, the response times were very quick and solutions were delivered promptly and ahead of promised dates.

It is always a nervous time setting up a new business and working for yourself, to discover this kind of help and advice is available is great, plus a willingness to listen to concerns and respond in such a positive way gives me great comfort that I have somewhere to turn to when its not all going quite so smoothly.

I would like to add a personal thank you to Steve Smith and Paul Veal in particular, quick, polite and professional in the way they have dealt with my enquiries."

Allen -




"The ongoing support from Your Own Store has been excellent, they give regular updates on software and training improvements and keep you informed of issues and opportunities regarding your store.

The training zone is superb with step by step instructions of how to optimize your website. Overall my experience with Your Own Store has been extremely positive and I hope to work alongside them for a long time to come."

Dave -





"Since June this year I have owned a store with YOS, I've gained extensive knowledge in the world of affiliate marketing and online business.

You do need to spend around 15-20 hours a week to get the results.

The YOS team are very helpful in assisting you on getting your store in the search engine ranks."

Isa -





"I was looking, for the right franchise, for a while, and then I came across YourOwnStore!

After a lengthy discussion, and a good conversation, they, came and provided me, with a fabulously designed website, just for me. It looked, so professionally, fantastically designed by the YourOwnStore team, and I then started, with the process of getting my store ready.

This is a lot of hard work, to get started, and getting it optimized, and getting the store ready, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process, and have learnt loads of new skills, at the same time.

The training videos, and support, is second to none, and is pretty comprehensive, you have to be very patient, and persistent, as to make the site work, you have to be committed and put the effort in!

Overall, a company, well worth investing in, and building yourself, a website, of your very own!"

David -